ER Fitness is becoming 4K Fit! Meet new owners, Brad & Kareen!Read Their Message
"It is never too late to become the person you have always wanted to be"

Fitness Classes

We combine cardiovascular conditioning, traditional strength training, and functional training. Every class is unique.

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Intensive Training

We pull out the bigger equipment and heavier weights for the intensive class. Stations of varying exercises to push the limits.

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Passive Yoga

We focus on a blend of stretching, breathing, and calm to help improve health, tone muscles, relieve inner tension and lose weight.

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4K Fit Training Facility, Better Than A Gym

4k Fit is a training facility in Lexington, Michigan. We focus on large and small group sessions for people of all fitness levels. By combining different training tools and modalities, we move and adapt towards healthier, more well rounded individuals. We utilize all forms of training, including cardiovascular conditioning, functional, and traditional strength training. Every class is a unique experience.

Biomechanics is another main focus of 4K Fit. Understanding how the human body functions is key to successful training. Our bodies get out of whack from daily repetitive activities. Here, we put the balance back into your body.

Join Our Nurturing & Inspiring Fitness Family

4K Fit is a sociable group, and we welcome new family members any time. We are a safe setting that allows people to unwind and unload. We nurture, encourage, and help each other inside and out. Life is hard; everyone has challenges. Sometimes you just need someone else to notice and inspire you.

Our workout space is large, with rubber floors and lots of great equipment. Our members have written inspiring quotes all over the walls to help motivate during sessions. We listen to great music that keeps us moving and our trainers always help with posture and modifications to work with any body style and fitness level.

The Start of Something Great - Under New Ownership!

4K Fit Training Facility officially began in 2018 when Brad & Kareen Kegebein purchased the assets of ER Fitness upon Erin Renno's retirement. We've kept trainer Melissa, all the same classes, and same pricing structure to ease transition for all members. Adding to the classes, 4K Fit also puts a larger emphasis on personal training services. We also offer Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy massages.