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What To Expect From a Fitness Training Class


Every one of our fitness training classes is different. We use diverse training protocols and modalities. Most classes involve a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, traditional strength training, and functional training. Cardiovascular, or aerobic training, is heart and lung exchange or respiratory exercise. We can do whole cardio classes, but people often get stuck on “routines” and don’t improve or get stronger. To avoid boredom and plateaus, we add functional and strength training to aerobic exercise. These added training protocols include exercises that mirror things you do on a daily basis, as well as survival training to give you strength to get out of bad situations.

Muscles know no age, barring injury, disease, or the age of bones. If you keep yourself fit, your muscles can stay young no matter how old you are. Our goal at 4K Fit is to make sure you use every part of your body, to stay healthy and strong.

Types of Exercise & Biomechanics

two-people-with-kettlebellsYou’re only as strong as your smallest muscle group in any area you’re working out. We make sure to actively target every muscle, big and small. There are an extensive amount of different exercises we do, including back exercises, chest presses and pushups, squats and core work. Sometimes we add resistance bands, or weights. We focus on the push and pull of every muscle.

In gyms, you often see bad habits form. If you do an exercise the wrong way, you can be countering how your body should naturally work. With our knowledge of biomechanics and anatomical awareness, we are able to make sure you’re in correct form to prevent injury or unneeded stress.

two-people-planks-with-dumbbellsExercise Modifications & A No Judgement Zone

4K Fit training classes are open to complete newbies and seasoned exercise veterans alike. All you have to do is be honest about your personal limitations and use necessary modifications. No member of 4K Fit will ever judge or compare themselves to you. Every member has different fitness levels, injuries, and limitations. There is nothing wrong with needing to modify an exercise to make it work for you, and you alone. There is no such things as a bad exercise, as long as it is done in correct form and is applicable to the individual performing the activity. That’s where we come in!