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What To Expect From an Intensive Fitness Training Class


The intensive training class uses similar training modalities to the regular Fitness Training Classes, but at a higher and more aggressive level. This is the session that allows us to pull out the bigger equipment and the heavier weights.

Person lifting barbell with heavy weightThis class consists of a dozen or more different stations set up with varying exercises and equipment. We rotate in different intervals, from 30 seconds to a minute, and focus on jumping from different training modalities very quickly. For example, the stations can be set up to go from strength training, to functional, to cardiovascular conditioning one right after another. Or we’ll jump from a back exercise straight into a chest exercise. Mixing the push and pull of the muscle groups will help create a diverse workout without overdoing any particular area.

Barbell and Resistance Band UserI’m New to 4K Fit. Can I Come to This Class?

A brand new person CAN do an intensive training class, but we highly recommend waiting a week or two so we are able to evaluate how you move, your mechanics, and your limitations. We want to help you succeed at a higher level without injury and stress.