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Yoga means “union” of mind, body, and inner spirit. “The oneness of all things.” It provides a natural counterbalance to the stresses of modern life and can lead to the path of inner calm. The practice includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific body postures. Yoga will help improve physical health, tone muscles, relieve inner tension, reduce weight, and strengthen bones.

Yoga at 4K Fit Training Facility


There are many kinds of yoga practices, but at 4K Fit, we focus on our own blend of stretching, breathing, and calm. The foundation is a modified mix of Yin and Vinyasa Flow, but we’re different because we have the luxury of tailoring our yoga sessions to our clients’ specific needs. We are able to recognize what the majority of the group needs based on our other fitness classes and our extensive knowledge of biomechanics.

The absolute most important thing we teach in our yoga class is for a person to learn how to listen to themselves and their own body. Close your eyes, turn inward and move within the space of your breath. Start by listening to the physical sound of your breath and follow the “feel good” movements. You’re the keeper of your own practice.

yoga-suppliesThe Benefits for Both Active and Inactive People

Yoga counteracts all the physical things we do in other fitness classes. Sadly, flexibility training is often the first thing that gets omitted from a fitness regimen. Muscles are very good at doing their job of pulling on the skeletal system, so the last thing our group needs is more contraction. Our yoga disperses a lot of the by-products of strength training and allows the body to relax. It nurtures the intestinal and vascular systems as well. This class is about settling down, putting balance and length back into your body, and learning how to nurture the self and give the self what it needs.

For inactive people, the same general benefits apply. Yoga allows sedentary muscle to stretch and counteract all the sitting we do on a daily basis. It helps correct poor posture habits. Above all, whether you are active or inactive, it helps take stress out of your life and nurture your being.

Yoga For the Beginner

yoga-matAbsolutely anybody can do yoga. The most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself and allow your body to recover back into a comfortable position anytime you need to. Flexibility takes time, and is the first thing to go as we age. Be prudent and listen to your body. All stretches have modifications and you have to learn to know when you’re pushing too hard. Everyone’s bodies and muscles have different limitations based on genetics, lifestyle, and age. Yoga is about your practice, your own personal time.