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First time coming through the door and you’re a little bit intimidated? Have no fears! We will try our best to help you know where to go and what to expect.

Shoes and Legs Doing Hopscotch

What to Wear/Bring

Make sure to bring a good pair of exercise shoes. Bring clothes that you feel comfortable working out it, but layer in winter. It can be chilly at the start of class, but once you get moving you’ll get warm fast. Bring a water bottle, but don’t drink too much during class. A small sip every 15 minutes is all you should need.

Come in with an inspirational word or quote to write on our wall! Something that motivates you to achieve your goals.

Food Before Class

Eat something 90 minutes in advance, but nothing fried or spicy. Don’t ever go all day without eating and then come in and work out. You’ll regret it!

Getting Through the Door

We’re in the buildiStudio with DSL Ball in Foregroundng with the green awning across from the Lexington Village water tower. The door and parking is on the South side of the building, the side closer to downtown Lexington. Feel free to park in front if parking gets full on the side.

When you come in, check in at the desk on the left. Brad, Kareen, or Melissa will have you fill out a form and will want to discuss your needs and fitness level. Drop your street shoes off to the right of the door. A coat rack is on the far left wall, behind the bathroom door (if open).

Our Goals for You

First and foremost, come in without any expectations of the self. Just be willing to try, and do the best YOU can. Don’t push yourself too hard at the beginning. Be an underachiever! Be honest with yourself and what your body can handle. We are a very inclusive family, and no one will judge you for anything. Throughout the sessions, we’ll give you nutritional encouragement and discuss things you might be struggling with. We’re here to help you be the best you, without comparing to anyone else.

Group Cardio ClassThe best things to remember:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Challenge your envelope without bursting it
  3. We’ll help you achieve your personal goals
  4. We’ll help you create the necessary changes you’re looking for
  5. Listen to our advice, but also listen to yourself!